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100% Legal, Ethical and Honest

In response to widespread fraud and abuse, seasoned attorneys founded and created GeniusExit to offer the honest, ethical and legal solution for getting rid of an unwanted timeshare.*

100% Success Rate

GeniusExit invests individual attention in each client as our primary way of protecting our unbroken record for getting people out of their unwanted timeshares!

Honest Service for a Fair Price

There is no reason for an honest company to take years to provide a service that should take months, so our guarantee reflects that!

What makes GeniusExit #1?

Not just another fly-by-night ‘exit company’

More than just exits, we’re a GeniusLaw Company – GeniusExit is not just another one of those anonymous, fly-by-night “exit company.” We are an important part of GeniusLaw, a legal tech company that applies cutting- solutions to every-day problems.

Decades of experience

Our Top-Rated, Close-Knit Team of Skilled Negotiators and Legal Experts with Decades of Experience.

Proudly located & operated in the United States of America

Proudly located and operated in the United States of America. Choosing GeniusExit helps create, support and sustain good-paying jobs in our local communities.

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Why are we needed?

Let’s be honest, if these companies played fair, there wouldn’t be an industry for helping owners get out of unwanted timeshares.

Timeshare companies should be required to take back a paid-off timeshare on demand, and without a fee, and they should be required to settle timeshares with outstanding balances at current resale values. Under such a simple, straight-forward process, a timeshare company would be forced to earn each owner’s payment, and no one would ever need to pay get out of an unwanted timeshare. We’re offering a reward for the first person to identify a timeshare company with an honest-to-goodness hassle-free, in-house exit solution. We will be happy to keep a list here of any timeshare company that let its owners out without the song and dance, just as soon as we find one!

What about other owners?

They say other owners suffer if you exit your interest.

In other words, timeshare companies say that they make a bad deal worse for others if we get out, so we should just keep paying them. How long are we going to let timeshare companies trap us into paying for something we don’t want, don’t use, and couldn’t give away when we’ve tried?

What could happen if I just stop paying?

How much does your credit score matter to you? Despite their often fraudulent or predatory nature, amounts owed to timeshare companies may be reported to credit bureaus if you default (just don’t pay). If that goes on long enough, they may (and eventually will) foreclose against you. If you owe more than the timeshare is worth at that time, depending on the state, the law lets them seek a judgment against you for the difference. In either case, no one likes seeing a foreclosure on their credit score.

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What could GeniusExit do for me?

First of all, we’re pros at getting to decision makers and advocating for our clients. We do what it takes to make sure we present the facts that matter to the person who can make the call.

It’s one of our superpowers (along with getting a ‘yes’). What happens if the top person says no? The next steps at that point depend on whether your timeshare is paid off or not. If it is paid off and current, we transfer your timeshare interest while complying with your timeshare documents, which terminates your legal obligation to pay maintenance fees. Otherwise, we identify pressure points in the timeshare company’s opposition, and we leverage your facts to escalate the situation via a series of measures designed and tested to overcome their objections to a sensible resolution.

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