Who We Are

Founded By Adela Z. Ulloa, Esq.

Adela Ulloa is a 15 year attorney licensed in California, New York, and Arizona, starting her own firm to defend homeowner's rights in 2009. She founded GeniusLaw, which founded GeniusExit.

Over the past 13 years, Adela has fought the banks and helped hundreds of families save their homes. Over a remarkable 10 year stretch, she didn’t allow the bank to sell a single client’s home on her watch. After distinguishing herself as one of the foremost authorities on homeowner’s rights in the state of California, Adela is excited to extend her uncompromising standard of excellence to help timeshare owners realize a pain-free process to timeshare resolution.

Our record speaks for itself.

Austin Shufelt made a name for himself as one of New York’s top attorneys in his field. Billion-dollar institutions sought his advice (and still do), and his record speaks for itself, being named as counsel of record on over fifty published judicial opinions.

Despite being an aggressive civil litigator, opponents describe Austin as a man of integrity. The son of a schoolteacher and a factory worker, Austin knows the value of a dollar. That’s why he helped launch GeniusExit: to provide an honest service at a fair price, as an alternative to the scams that defraud people just looking to get out of an unwanted timeshare. Austin is proud to put his reputation on the line, as he stands behind GeniusExit’s ability to get people out of their unwanted timeshares, legally, ethically and quickly.

Diane's superpowers.

Diane Cassidy helped start GeniusExit after decades of experience as the premier authority on helping families save their homes and fight the banks as part of the Loss Mitigation team for the Law Offices of Adela Z. Ulloa.

Our Director of Resolutions, Diane applies her superpowers – getting to the decision maker and getting the right decision – to guide a hand-picked team in ensuring action and accountability on your exit. While most exit companies promise to take years to get you out, Diane measures her team’s exits in days!

Part of something bigger

GeniusExit is a proud part of GeniusLaw, a legal tech company created to solve important challenges faced by real people.

Typically, cutting-edge legal technology is reserved for only the most high-end or obscure commercial activities, like mergers and acquisitions. At the same time, over eighty percent of families cannot get an attorney when they really need one. GeniusLaw exists to apply the same tools used by wealthy institutes to help address the issues faced by regular families, and democratize access to justice.

As part of that, GeniusLaw looks for markets where it may leverage its technology, resources and expertise to make a positive contribution. A close look at the timeshare exit industry revealed such an opportunity. We quickly recognized the rampant abuse and fraud, while at the same time, our experts identified a legal, ethical and honest method for exiting an unwanted timeshare. In a marketplace dominated by conmen without the resources, skill, or knowledge to assist clients, the contributions we offer are honesty and accountability. That’s why GeniusLaw was proud to start GeniusExit: to offer an honest service that people needed at a fair price. Thus, rather than another fly-by-night timeshare exit company, you have the chance to rely on a team that’s an important part of something much larger.

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