Our Process

  • Collect the facts
    Collect the facts

    Our team performs an indepth intake. We get the facts on what got you into the timeshare and why you want out.

  • Get the docs
    Get the docs

    After we get the facts, we need to collect the contracts and land records that your timeshare interest is connected to, like your deed, mortgage and the master timeshare plan.

  • Get your signature
    Get your signature

    After completing intake, we send you important paperwork we need signed, so that we may begin the exit process.

  • Reach out to the resort
    Reach out to the resort

    Our team’s superpower is getting around gatekeepers to the decision-maker, and then getting a “yes.”

  • Coaching when necessary
    Coaching when necessary

    While some resorts are cordial, others baulk at our involvement, in which cases we provide you with expert-crafted communications engineered to get you out.

  • Legal solution backing it up
    Legal solution backing it up

    If the resort refuses to take it back and your timeshare is paid off, we leverage legal process to terminate your ownership. How? We get the title to your timeshare out of your name, and we follow any other requirements in your timeshare agreements, so we get you out, completely and legally, and free you from any future obligation for maintenance fees or other timeshare costs!

  • Fight for cash back
    Fight for cash back

    While not common, our team always fights for a refund from the timeshare resort. How do we do? Just ask our first client how she felt when she heard GeniusExit not only got her out, but got her $4,900.00 back from the resort!

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